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SAM is a leader in sustainable green programs. SAM programs are designed to meet the needs of today’s industry with specialized services that offer economical alternatives.


Solid Waste Engineering-Source Separation. Construction & Demolition. Green Certified. Destruction

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Services & Solutions

We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for your business.

  • Source Separation

    We can provide a variety of services, which may be applied to your facility(s) to achieve stability in solid waste management

  • Recycling Equipment Design & Installation

    We offer complete lines of equipment and services enabling us to find the right application for your waste/recycling needs and can even customize a program.

  • Waste Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

    We offer service for breakdowns, maintenance, installations, and relocations. All of which follow OSHA, ANSI, state and federal safety requirements.

  • Green Certified Destruction

    At SAM, we have developed material/product-tracking systems that ensure the destruction of the products, using the most sustainable and accountable methods.

  • Material Marketing & By-Product Application

    We have developed a data base of global material markets and have access to a 18 year data base of material markets that accelerates the application of waste material.

  • Construction Waste - LEED Reporting

    Our programs prove to be cost-effective alternatives for all types of waste; while assisting companies in achieving sustainable goals for beneficial use and recycling.

  • Refurbish & Re-Work Programs

    We have the ability to handle all of your returns management as well as the entire reverse logistics process. Our business model is highly flexible, and we can even be set up to be your designated return center.

  • Re-Use Product & Material Donation

    We carry out our mission in an efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible manner; joining with you to preserve the environment for our friends, families, and generations to come.

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